Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fabric Stash

 I have been helping a friend organize her fabric stash.   It is more of a fabric store!  Last summer , we rolled any piece  of fabric that was over two yards on to bolt cores.  I went to the fabric stores and ask for the cores and even raided their trash.  WE rolled over 300 pieces of fabric.  Any thing 2 yards and under, we  put in plastic tubs by color.  Her fabric room looked impressive.  The a couple of months ago, someone at the sewing shop ( show and tell) presented a new way to store fabric using Acid-free comic book backing boards.  They are 6 3/4 by 10 1/2 card stock and are $10 for 100.

After working several weeks on the project, I brought  55 bolts home with me.  My wagon would only hold 45 of them standing up on end

These are two shots of the wagon with fabric still in it.

These were the last five before I finish rolling   them.

These  are five that I finished  rolling. You can see the difference in  size  of these compared to a regular bolt.  When I finished rolling all 55 bolts, I had eight cardboard file boxes full. I worked on this Friday night Saturday night and Sunday afternoon to get it all complete for her. This was after rolling 79 batiks and three marbles at her house that afternoon.  Many of the batiks were only 1 yard pieces.
Friday afternoon I brought 35 more bolts home to work on. That gets the majority of it completed, however she does have a few very large bolts that were not going to reroll.

Side note: I have been making toys lately and will get a post up about all of the ones I have made as soon as I can get some pictures completed.  I am not sure how this post will read, because I am using an audio program called Dragon. I am trying to get used to this so that I can read my Dad's book into the computer without having to totally retype it.