Friday, October 12, 2012

Our Bernina shop has an Embroidery club every other month.  It is a sit and sew format, so we all take our machines and have a fun morning. 

The first meeting, we did the Mylar kittens that I have previously posted. 

The next meeting we did a Mariner's Compass from Hoop Sisters.  I took my Bernina 830 to class and made the blocks in the Jumbo hoop.   All of the piecing and quilting are done in the hoop and then you assemble the blocks.  On the back of the quilt, you cover the seams with a sashing.  There was only 2 blocks, the center and the borders but you made multiple of each. 

 Yes, that is cats on the hanger!

The Next meeting, we learned reverse  applique on T-Shirts. This was a fun project that the teacher crated for us so was less expensive than the first two.  I was able to get two shirts completed in class and made the third when I got home. Sorry they are so wrinkled!

This is the first one I made.  I used two layers of fabric in the embroidery hoop. 


This is the second one.  It was a little harder to cut away the shirt.

This is the one I did at home and it is only one layer of fabric under the shirt. 

The nest meeting we made a Date Night Bag using another  HoopSisters design.  This one is crazy quilt  Going Crazy. It was two blocks plus the flap.  I did not take my 830 for this one so the bag is small. 

 Back.  Oops.  I left the pin in that is holding the flap closed! 

Front.  The cording I used to finish and for the handle is a little big and stiff , but I liked the  braided purple

The inside is fully lined and  a close up of the handle!