Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June NewFO Linky party.

It's time again to show off your new stuff! Any new project you started during the month of June.  There are no expectations here at the NewFO finishes required, no rules, no nothing. Just start something new, and you're in!
I started the month our with out my big sewing machine.  It did not come home till June 16th and went back on June 19th, returned home on the 23 and went back today.   It is getting a new hook (bobbin area) and threading mechanism.  It also got a cleaning and normal service.  All of the parts were covered under warranty! 

My first goal when it came back was to finish the Stipple cat quilt.  The tension on the back was terrible and that is why it went back to the shop, the first time.  I had only one block left to complete and was able to get that done before it's second trip. 

Sassy Cats Stipple From Designs in Machine Embroidery

 I loved the colors and the stippling, but the applique is sewn down with a triple straight stitch. It is true raw edge and was trimmed in the hoop.  I would have rather had a blanket or satin stitch.

I attempted to change the stitch down in my software, but is would not let me.   After I had a couple of blocks done, I figured out how to change the stitches, but did  not want to change in the middle of the quilt.  

While my machine was gone the first time, I found a quick project kit to complete.  This one is my official NewFo project. I have been completing projects from my stash and this one came out of the bin.

Pumpkat, a Garden Patch Cat by Helen Knott  from I have completed three of these cute blocks.  I purchased this one from a quilt shop that has gone out of business. 

The orange fabric that is the main body of the cat is plush, Minkee or Cuddle fabric!

The next out of the stash bin was Texas Table Runner.  I purchased the kit at Quilters Emporium in Sugar Land Texas (suburb of Houston).


Applique is stitched sown with a blanket stitch.

 The next project is not a new start, but a restart.  It is a Crayon quilt.
I must have purchased this kit at a quilt show.  It was created at Busy Fingers Quilt Shop, Inc in Longwood Florida.  The web site I have is no longer valid.

If you have never done a crayon quilt, they are fun.  I traced the simple designs on the background fabric, colored it ans then hand embroidered.  You can iron freezer paper to the back of the fabric to stabilize it.  Use crayons and color the design.  I usually color one color at a time.  Layer the block with paper towels or brown paper bag (if you can find them) and press with a hot iron.  This sets the color  and  removes excess wax.  If you want more color or to add shading, just color it again and press.

I had completed the blocks last year but had not taken time to complete top.

My son is always trying to find projects to challenge me.  He sent me a picture of this next little guy.  I has no idea of its origin or creator.  I had no pattern or directions.

I used my circle embroidery attachment on my machine to create three layered circles top, batting and backing.  I cut a slit in the front fabric so it would be covered by the fold.  Then you sew the circles together in rows.  After all of the circle blocks were stitched together, I top stitched the folds down.  

Then I had to figure out how to  bind an empty corner.  I used three layers of heavy tear away stabilized to attach the binding.   I needed the empty corner to be sturdy enough to hold the missing block.  I inserted pipe cleaners in the binding as I stitched it down.  Then I tore out the stabilizer.

I created tubes and inserted pipe cleaners to create arms and legs on the missing block.  I could not decide if he has fallen out or if he was late to the party!

That warps up this month's sewing.  I plan to work on my Texas Treasures block of the month.  I have 11 of the 16 blocks and only 4 complete. 

I am also planning to participate in the Row by Row experience.

Row by Row Experience 2014

There are 41 shops with in a couple of hours driving from home.  Two of my friends will be going to part of these with me. 

I have been enjoying the tomatoes that I planted this year.   I have picked a bucket full!

 They have that wonderful fresh picked flavor!

OK, so it is a tiny bucket and they are cherry tomatoes. But I have picked several buckets.