Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flannel Nine-Patch

I started the Flannel Nine-Patch from Sew-Batik  last Wednesday.  This kit is for a king size quilt.

It has ten different bright batik flannels, six are the same as the twin I finished last week and four new ones.

The background, binding and back  is brown/orange batik.  This picture does not show it well!

I washed all the fabric twice and used color catchers.  It is amazing how much dye washed out.

The quilt is made with two blocks, a nine patch and a square in a square, made up of 3 inch squares.  I made 9  nine patch  blocks of each color (90) and 8 Square in a square of each color (80 - only needed 72). Each color set took 45 minutes to make.

I cut each color and made those blocks before cutting a new color.  I did one set on Wednesday, three on Thursday, four on Saturday, and the last two on Sunday.  We started putting the top together on Monday and finished Tuesday. 

 Today, I started the inner border.  It is pieced from 3 inch squares (114)  and quarter square triangles (228) with the squares on point.

I only had to make two units over!

Inner borders, two with 30 squares and two with 27. 

All of the side set  QST were over sized,  I have to trim all sides of top and pieced border to one quarter inch.  There is an outer border that is six inches wide.  Overall quilt size, 124" x 113"!   It will hang off all four sides of our king size bed!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Quarters for Baby part 2

Kirby showing off the stacks of 4 inch squares cut from the fat quarters.

Laying it out on my standing Design Wall..

Stitching rows together and numbering them.

Ready for borders.

It will not fit on the design wall with the borders.  Angel and Kirby both love this one. I can not keep them off it!


I used Warm and White for the batting and YLI Variations in jewel tones for the stitching.  I did a feather stitch on every other row and it came out in 7 inch squares.  I carried the feather stitching into the border. 

I used a blanket stitch and the jewel tone thread to put the binding down.  It took me an hour and a half even on the machine! 

The stitching on the back. 

And this it the finished quilt on the bed where it will live!  And Kirby, again