Saturday, February 1, 2014

How I spent January

2014 NewFO Challenge

Cat Patches is sponsoring a NewFOChalange again this year.

From her blog :

Each month, start up at least one new quilt project.  It can be anything you like from bags to potholders or mug rugs to king-sized bed quilts.  You do NOT need to complete any project during the year.  All you need to do to participate is start something new during any given month.  On the last day of the month, write a blog post about your new project and link up to my linky party.  As the year progresses, please update us on your previous months' NewFO projects.  If you don't have a blog, not to worry!  Just post pictures of your work on my FlickR Group or any other image-sharing website, copy the URL, and use that to link-up.

This is my first time to play so here goes.

I started and completed several small projects this month. I opened a storage bin labeled Kits and Projects and pulled out the first thing I touched.  That is how I chose all of these projects.

 Box Top Hot Pads. This pattern/kit came from Pass Time Fabrics in Gainesville Texas. There were 5 fat quarters and insul-bright in the kit.The fabrics are folded and layered and stitched.  Then you turn them right side out, through the 'box top' and top stitch.

Folded Fabric Hot Mat.  Squares are folded into prairie points and arranged on a foundation.  This kit came from The Old Craft Store in Carrollton Texas.

This was a new technique and fun to play with.  You start out with four 7 inch squares made into a 4-patch.  Then you cut it apart and sew it back together.  This came from Corner Square Quilts in Cedar Hill, Texas.  I  would like to make more of these 12 inch blocks for a quilt.

Texas Block.  This small simple applique piece finished out at 13 inches.  The appliques were already cut with the fusible on them. I picked this one up at a Heart of Texas One Stop Shop Hop
from Barb's Quilt Nook in Kingsland Texas.

Friend Ship Flowers from Lynn Clark's Cozy Nook Studio.  I picked this one up at the Dallas Quilt Show several years ago.  Each of the twelve flowers has 8 individual petals. This one finished at 18 x 21.5.  The scolloped binding was fairly easy. 
Kirby, one of my  assistants!

My First Bear. This is made out of Cuddle fabric by Shannon.  Kit from The Quilters Workshop in Carrollton Texas.  They recently went out of business.

 These three came in one kit.  Purrfect Christmas Kit.  the pillows are tiny, just 10 inches.  One ruffled, one flanged and one plain.  The apron may end up as a gift as I never wear one!  The quilt 41 inches square and has setting blocks  called Puss in the Corner.

 And of course it has a Puss in each corner.

 Max, another assistant

 This is the backing fabric, when I get around to finishing it!  I bought this kit at a Bernina store that was going out of business it was inside a Hancock fabric store.  

These ere Tuffets from Schnibbles by Miss Rosie's Quilt Company.   They were intended to be pin cushions but I used a Trail's End batik charm pack from Moda.  Since batiks are so tightly woven, I made a wall hanging.  These are 5 inch blocks Some are pieced, some are quilt as you go.  Many pieces were 1 inch square.  I really enjoyed this and I plan to make more!

All of the above projects were pulled at random out of a bin and took no time at all to make. 

This next piece is a true NewFO. It is a BOM that goes for 17 months.  Texas Treasures.  I completed block 2 in December. I started Block 1 in January and Block 4 in February.  There is a lot of hand work involved.  Almost all of block 3 is hand work. 

 There are 33 tiny pieces in the Bluebonnet alone. The applique is ready to put on the  cream background and be stitched down. The white bud at the top of the Bluebonnet and the Morning Glory do not show up on the Applique press sheet

That is 13 projects with all but two complete! I also completed a place mat for my youngest grand son.  It is laminated cotton on one side and Chalk Board fabric on the other.  Now when they eat out, his Mom can put his food on that instead of the table. I also made two tiny owls in the embroidery hoop for a friend.  I did not get pictures of these three projects.