Saturday, July 15, 2017

Singer Featherweight Machines

I have been interested in owning a Singer Featherweight machine.    
After searching on the internet  I was amazed at the different prices!   Any where from $69 to $2400!  A friend and I went to a shop  that sells  parts and repairs machines, I was giving up.  The friend texted her sister in law and ask if she still had two and was she willing to part with them.  She was so we set an appointment for yesterday to look at them.  At first she told us one was white and the other red.  I was excited to see them. 

The first one was in a red soft side case and was a
black machine and it is in very good condition.   

These are the words and numbers we pulled off the machine.   SIMANCO USA  45712   Serial number  AF245614 A little research  ( gave us a lot of information.  The AF244106 through AF264105 serial numbers were produces in the US starting July 11, 1939 and 20,000 were produced.   

The second machine was in a wooden green and white case. The tray is missing from the case.  It is a white machine with a red S emblem.   Serial number EV965630.  It was made in Great Britain, probably in the Singer plant on Kilbowie, Scotland From 1947 through the late 1960's .   The EV909??? through EV998??? were produced in 1964. This is belt driven from upper to lower, meaning there is a belt on the inside instead of gears.

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