Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cat Academy

I did a block of the month called Cat Academy from Stitchin' Heaven in Quitman, TX.  It was designed by Karen Brow of Java House Quilts  and was an 8 month project made from Batik fabrics. 

Blocks 1& 2  and 6 & 9  came as sets in month 1 and 5 because the cats covered two blocks.   When I ordered this I did not pay enough attention that some parts of a cat extended into the next one or the border. This was a fun project but I am glad it is finished.


Darwin - Month 2 Block 3

 Ophilia -  Month 3 Block 4

Thelma and Louise -  Month 4  Block 5

 SASHIMI  - Month 5  Blocks  6 & 9

 Mr Fox - Month 6 Block 7

 Dexter - Month 7 Block 8

Gizmo - Month 8 borders , Kitten and 20 little brown mice! 

 Cat Academy  with Kirby!

Cat Academy with out additional cats! 

THe photos below are of the huge King size Batik Flannel quilt on the bed.  As you can see, it touches the floor on three sides of the bed.  It is very warm.  


  1. I love seeing the Cat Academy quilt! I seriously considered getting it, but I already have the kits for 'My Cats Garden' by Maggie Walker. I haven't even started them yet, but it's one I look forward to working on. Your quilt turned out great; how did you do the applique on it?

  2. Yikes. All those curves. So not anything I'd ever attempt. I was definitely a straight edge quilter, Greta job! And I love oversized quilts that act more like a bedspread than a coverlet. Srsly.