Thursday, May 15, 2014

Is this to girly

So someone suggested that a knitted sheer might be to feminine for my youngest boys bedroom window..  now here are my reasons for making it. It will give them privacy while we run the Swamp coolers this summer.

I welcome input


  1. I've never seen knitted sheers before. Most boys don't have a clue what is over their windows, at least not until they are older. If he/they are old enough, ask them.

    1. Thank you that was just about my thought on the matter! LOL

  2. I was thinking the same as Cheryl. Most boys probably don't care as long as it's not pink, but you could always ask him.

  3. My son would have had a fit if I had put that on his window - but I never met a more picky boy in all my life :) He always had very definite ideas about what he wanted to wear or how he wanted his room decorated. Still does and he's now 34!