Saturday, August 2, 2014

July NewFO Challenge and Giveaway

It's time again to show off your new stuff! Any new project you started during the month of July.  There are no expectations here at the NewFO finishes required, no rules, no nothing. Just start something new, and you're in!
I decided to devote the month of July to catching up on my Texas Treasures BOM.  I think I had 4 blocks complete at the beginning of the month.  I was 5 blocks behind.  This is a 17 month project with the last month being the finish kit.  When I picked up the block for June, They had two ready, so I picked them both up.  They did that in July, too, so I was now 9 behind by mid July.  Each kit has a placement sheet/Applique pattern, directions and details, and a history of the Texas Treasure featured. 
 Block 1  Wildflowers in a Ball Jar

 Block 2 Wind turbines and cotton

 Block 3 Monarch Butterfly and quilt title

 Block 4 Wild flowers in a bean pot

 Block 5 Guitar and State song, Texas Our Texas

Block 6 Lone Star

 Block 7 Mockingbird, Pecans and Crape Myrtle

 Chinese Crape Myrtle

 Pecans and Mocking Bird

Block 7 Cowboy, Longhorn and Petrified wood


 Longhorn, Sideoats, Petrified Palmwood

Block 9 Prickly Pear and Horned lizard

Better known as a Horny Toad

Prickly Pear Cactus

 Block 10 Oil Derick and Pump Jacks
Gushing oil

Pump Jacks

Block 11  Alamo, Sopaipilla, Jalapenos, Sweet onion, Chiltepin pepper and a bowl of Chili

Sweet onion and Chiltepin pepper

Sopaipilla, Jalapenos and a bowl of Chili


Block 12 Lone Star cut Blue Topaz.  There will be a Guadalupe Bass quilted in the red.

 Te facets were paper pieced and then appliqued on.

 Block 13 Wild flowers in a Campfire coffee pot.

 Day Flower


  Bullnettle, Primrose and Yellow rose.

There are wild flowers in each corner of the quilt and there is a yellow rose in each group.   The true Yellow Rose of Texas is a yellow Prickly Pear bloom.  Only three blocks to go!

Not only did I do all of these blocks.  I made a mug rug.

I got this cute little guy while visiting Quilt shops in the Row by Row Experience.  There are 105 quilt shops in Texas participating and I determined that 41 were with in a days driving.  Not all one day, but many  one day trips.  Two friends and I started off in this venture on Tuedays and Fridays when one friend had off.  At the end of July, we had made 33 shops and I had made one in far west Texas in El Paso.
This is the region we shopped in.

This is a  perspective the state.

We did 4 shops on August 1 and will finish up the last three on Tuesday the 5th.


  1. Wow! Love this quilt. As an enthusiastic canner, I especially like the first block. Thanks for linking up this month.

  2. You got lots done on that quilt. I was hoping to visit the quilt shop shop in our hometown while we're in TX, but, it closed. I did get a State of TX panel from Moda.

  3. Love love love these Texas blocks. Can't believe you did them all on one month! Very impressive.