Monday, December 1, 2014

November projects.

November NewFO Linky Party and Giveaway

2014 NewFO Challenge
It is time to Join the fun at Cat Patches with my new projects for November.  It is not necessary to finish a project, just start. I did a lot of both! 
 November was Christmas sewing month. 
 I finished the Doll cloths.

And the Stockings.
I made this Creeper for my Daughter-in-law to give my grandson for Christmas.
 A creeper is a creature from Mind Craft computer game.  It is made out of my Son's uniforms that he wore in Iraq.  

Then I started making Biscuit quilts. 

 Top and bottom of blocks,  6 and 4.5 inch 

Stitched together with wrong sides together with a box pleat . 

Slit in back for stuffing. 
Sew together in rows.  These are 8 by 15  blocks. 

 Stuff all of the center blocks, leaving the outer row.  Instead of hand stitching each block closed, I used Heat Bond and Muslin strips and ironed a patch over the holes.

 I added a fleece back, turned  and tied them together. 

Finished at 32 x 60

As you can see, I will have to make more for my special helpers! . 

As it turned out, I needed Birthday presents, so the boys got theirs on Thanksgiving. 

 I will make the next one longer!

After doing  stuffed Yo-Yo's for Halloween last month, I made a Christmas tree.

It is decorated with buttons. There is another one in the works. 

One last Project is my official NewFO

 I used a charm pack of Grunge fabrics. Just needs a back, quilting and binding.

 Mini Tiny Dancer by Jay Bird Quilts


  1. You've sure been busy! I've never seen a biscuit quilt before -- clever!

  2. Wow lots of cute stuff here. My mother used to make doll clothes for my dolls. So cute.

  3. I love the Mini Tiny Dancer quilt. Did you need a special ruler to make it? The doll clothes look great. Having made them myself, I'm amazed at how long they take to sew considering how small they are. I'm sure they'll love them!