Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bag Ladies of the Fat Quarter Club


I finishes Charlotte Last Friday.  

I did not get her until the 15th,  I had to call the Chickadee  to get it shipped. I have already called them about March.  If it is not here by Saturday, I will be calling them again. I am not sure what is happening in their shipping department, but I really expected to get the next months Lady before the end of the current month.  Maybe I am mistaken, but that is the way most BOM's work. 

I am going to try a different stabilized on the next one.  This month, it pulled away from the fabric and then shrank when I pressed her just like last month. Slow learner! However, they do look rather frumpy with the wrinkles they get when pressed. 

I have ordered hot fix nail heads or studs for buttons for the Ladies.

1 comment:

  1. Well she looks just beautiful. I wonder why you're having trouble with the stabilizer. I don't ever iron directly on the stabilizer...only on the fabric side. Maybe that's the problem? Also, what is the number of the stabilizer you're using. I'll check it against mine and see if we're using the same thing. That's frustrating about receiving them so late.