Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Two finishes

 I am joining up with the Bag ladies of the Fat Quarter club with Hildegarde.  I think the hardest part of these ladies is the hair.  There are a lot of stitches to make it look full. I think I could have added more to it.

My Second finish in Batik Stars.  

Two stars from 15 different hombre batiks.

 They were sewn into rows, not complete stars because of the overlaps. 

Even though we were careful and looked it over several times before making rows, I still messed up three stars. 

 The black in the star point had to go away from the center pinwheel.  The black makes a secondary pinwheel block

 All of the mistakes were corrected here before It was sewn together.  I missed taking a picture of just the center part. 

The borders were added in sections with the star points.  Even though They were cut to length according to the pattern, I still had to take apart sections and shorten them. 

I expected to have to do a lot of taking apart and putting back, but it proved to be minimal! 

Another top to add to the stack for the quilter.


  1. I like those stars. They do look more difficult, to keep everything going the way it is supposed to go.

  2. Well, I love your bag lady, but those stars! Oh my, those are beautiful!

  3. I love your bag lady and the stars are fabulous

  4. I'm blown away by your Batik Stars quilt! I love the colors in it and like how the stars cross over the borders. I haven't seen this pattern before and it's a beautiful quilt!

  5. The Bag Lady is nice. I kinda wish I'd have joined that qal. 'Love the batik stars also :)