Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas projects

I helped a friend make Christmas ornaments for her church craft fair.    We were using Christmas ribbon and fabric.  I scanned in the ribbon and fabric and using BERNINA Embroidery Software, Artista, I digitized applique shapes to fit the ribbon or fabric.  I used organza on the back to gave them more shine.  I should have used a water soluble stabilizer so they would have been translucent. .  Since I have a Bernina 830, I can make 8 to 10 in my jumbo hoop.  Some of these came out nice and others did not work as well.


 Snow scape trees


Holly leaves

All of these were 2.5 inch wide ribbon.



The last two were fabric that I fussy cut.  I used an organza that has blue, white and silver snowflakes for the backs of these.

 This is an Advent calender with sock monkeys.  Not sure why this one did not come out bigger.

The pockets have numbers made by sock monkeys in poses.  The Santa monkey is moved from pocket to pocket to count down to Christmas

This is the back.  I bought this cute kit at a shop hop 'Shop Across Texas'  I thought my 6 year old grandson would love it.  His 6th birthday is Thanksgiving weekend, as is his sister and one of his cousins!

This is the December quilt for the hanger in the last post.  I have to put the lights and tinsel on it. 

My husband and his work mates all had nicknames for each other.  They all were some kind of a$$.  When I found this tee shirt I had to get it for him and then I added his name on the back.

These were a little blurry, but you get the idea!

Foundation work is complete!  Yeah!  Plumbing is not.  We have not had any rain all year until now! At least we can start moving things back where they belong. As soon as I am able.  I started passing a kidney stone Tuesday evening and was admitted to the Hospital on Wednesday.  Friday they went and zapped the 9mm stone because it was to big to pass.  Now I am in pain again today as the bits and pieced start to pass. 

Sorry for the long post, but I have been out of commission for a week and still trying to get my feet back under me.

Kirby discovered he could open the bottom of the china cabinet.  The ironing board usually sits in front of it.  I hope this readable, the pain meds are kicking in!

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  1. Wow! That's a lot of embroidery! I have a love/hate relationship with my machine. I love it when it works, but so often the thread breaks or it gives me other fits. That's a great t-shirt - especially with your addition to the back.

    I pray you start feeling better. I've never had a kidney stone before but have heard they can be more painful than giving birth. Hopefully the pain meds are good ones and this passes quickly!