Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flannel Nine-Patch

I started the Flannel Nine-Patch from Sew-Batik  last Wednesday.  This kit is for a king size quilt.

It has ten different bright batik flannels, six are the same as the twin I finished last week and four new ones.

The background, binding and back  is brown/orange batik.  This picture does not show it well!

I washed all the fabric twice and used color catchers.  It is amazing how much dye washed out.

The quilt is made with two blocks, a nine patch and a square in a square, made up of 3 inch squares.  I made 9  nine patch  blocks of each color (90) and 8 Square in a square of each color (80 - only needed 72). Each color set took 45 minutes to make.

I cut each color and made those blocks before cutting a new color.  I did one set on Wednesday, three on Thursday, four on Saturday, and the last two on Sunday.  We started putting the top together on Monday and finished Tuesday. 

 Today, I started the inner border.  It is pieced from 3 inch squares (114)  and quarter square triangles (228) with the squares on point.

I only had to make two units over!

Inner borders, two with 30 squares and two with 27. 

All of the side set  QST were over sized,  I have to trim all sides of top and pieced border to one quarter inch.  There is an outer border that is six inches wide.  Overall quilt size, 124" x 113"!   It will hang off all four sides of our king size bed!

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  1. Wow! That's a very large quilt. How are you planning to quilt it? I bet it will be so soft and snuggly and a perfect cat magnet!