Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rainbow quilt

This is a quilt kit I bought in 2002 or 2003, that is when the  pattern is dated.  It is made from a fat quarter bundle of 30 different Benartex Fossil Fern.  

This is the only  picture of the quilt in progress.
Kirby loves flannel, especially when it is warm on the ironing board.

The fat quarters were cut into 4 - 4 inch wide strips.  They were sewn together along the long side into a complete loop.  Then you sub-cut those into 4 inch strips.  I decided what color I wanted in the center and started breaking the loops apart moving down one color each time.  The pieced border was made the same way with a one and a half inch strip!

The pieced border was fun, I think!  
It is a queen size, but fits on the king size bed.

I quilted this om my machine.  It has a deeper throat than most.  I used YLY Variations in Jewel tones. The stitch looks like a double sided blanket shift. 

 I could not get a good picture of the back.  It is a tan marble flannel

Kirby, you are such a ham! 
The king size quilt is back from the quilter and I love what she did with it.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get it posted.
I have no idea what I need 3 flannel quilts for.  Some winters, like this one, are too warm for them!


  1. How beautiful! How long did it take you to quilt it? I have a quilt like that where you make the strip sets in a loop and then take them apart at different places. Unfortunately I stopped working on it in the middle and will have to figure out where I was before I can complete it.

  2. I've actually pieced using that method. When I first started quilted everything I learned was from Eleanor Burns. Pre-sew, Un-sew... ah, yes, it's all coming back to me. :)

    I love warmth.. when it's cold. And nothing beats a big, warm, cozy quilt when it's chilly. Fortunately, we don't get a lot of call for warmth here. I'm all about air conditioning.

    I'm doing a very simple crib quilt for the next great-grand niece or nephew. I ordered some chenille squares in generic baby colors for a small carriage quilt that I will back with flannel. My nephew's wife does not want to know if it's a boy or a girl until she gives birth, so we're all excited... and completely in the dark on what to make or buy!

    Which brings me to Loveys! I will need 2! In sort of a primary Green. Can you do Turtles... If not, maybe Frogs? She's doing the nursery in a Pond theme.