Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quilts I made before I started posting here!

This is a flash back post. These are the links to my other blog (cat blog) where I posted my quilt and sewing projects before I created this one.  There are a lot of links and my cat blog friends have seen all of these before.  There are many more in progress on other pages that I did not copy.  There are also many that I have never  taken pictures of.  I need to get on that! I hope the links work!

April 2009 This is a quilt that was displayed at Wal-Mart. It was quick and fun to make. The kitties love the back side, not the front!
August 2009 This Sock Monkey quilt was made for a friend. She wanted it for a nephew or a great nephew. It was the first quilt I made on commission!
December 2010 Pot mats I made several of these one weekend.
November 2010 Three quilts I finished. These tops had been completed for a couple of years. The first one is a crayon quilt. The Cross one, my daughter pieced and I finished.
November 2010 Not a quilt but finger puppets.
October 2010. Four more UFO’s completed. Stained glass Texas made from hand dyed fabrics (purchased as a kit), High tail cats, the top was complete and my son told me it was not symmetrical! So I ripped it up and made it over! The lighthouse quilt came from Quilts by the bay. The store was destroyed by the massive hurricane that hid Galveston, TX. The John Deer quilt is another that my daughter pieced and I finished.
October 2010. Wild Flowers, by Smith Street, Embroidery blocks set with batiks. Halloween challenge from a quilt shop in Oklahoma. My daughter in law got me in to this one!
October 2030. This is another Smith Street Embroidery quilt top, Garden Club
September 2010. This was a double BOM. The Stars were a $5.00 program, pay for the first block and all the rest are free if you bring last months completed block in. The appliqued snowmen were extra and about $8.00 a month.
September 2010 Halloween Halloween challenge from a quilt shop in Oklahoma. My daughter in law got me in to this one!
August 2010 This is not the best picture, but the quilt in the back ground is one that my Grand Daughter made tor the Halloween challenge
August 2010 Texas Lone Star pieced in the hoop. Fabrics from JoAnn’s
May 2010 Million pillowcase challenge. Mom made 20 or more! She lost count!
January 2010 Texas Place matts I made for my Son’s family. Embroidery on pre quilted fabric.
August 2011 Plano Quilt Show, Granddaughter’s last year in the under 18 group.
February 2011 Another top my Daughter pieced and I quilted.
January 2011. Vintage Memories, BOM. Summer quilt camp for adults. A Sara Moe curved piecing quilt. Spotty Kitty, in wool. Pinwheels using a twister ruler.

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  1. I enjoyed seeing the look back at some of your quilting projects. I also really liked your Wildflower quilt. Your cats are obviously big helpers just like mine. They don't think I can get a thing done without them!