Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mylar Embroidey

Our Bernina store has an Embroidery club that meets every couple of months.  It started out as a demo/lecture meeting.  Then the attendance dropped off to  four or five so the started think of  other formats and came up with a sit and sew format.  The first club was in March and we did Mylar Embroidery from PurelyGates.  The teacher chose Texas designs but said we could pick any from the web site. I chose, of course, Kitties !

The process is to place a piece of Mylar film (polyester wrapping paper) and stitch over it.  The Mylar gives the design a shinny metallic look with out using metallic thread that breaks easily.

 We hung a fancy curtain rod in the living room to display smaller quilts on. 

Here are close ups of the blocks and quilting.

Most of the quilting was done on the embroidery machine.   The quilting around the blocks is red paw prints in the gray and gray yarn and ball in the red.  

I added a cat and yarn ball plus mice in the outer border and sashing.  These were done in the hoop, too.  I connected the yarn balls with free hand machine quilting.


  1. Oh, I LOVE ♥♥♥ the kitty and ball of yarn border quilting!

  2. Hey, that's really neat! I've never seen the mylar stuff before. I really like the kitty embroideries and the quilting you did on this too. What a great wallhanging!

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