Thursday, August 30, 2012

After we did the Mylar Embroidery our local shop was offering a class in toy making.  My friend wanted to take the class, so I signed up with her. It was a three hour class that met two times. The patterns were from the book, Sewn Toy Tales  by Melly & Me Fun Fabulous Design published by D&C(David&Charles).  There are several different covers for this book.

I almost finished my project in the first class.   We learned how to over stuff the toys so they would hold their shape and stand up.  We used a stuffing tool that looks like a "T" made out of dowel.

This is Pearl the Zebra.  I made her and her cloths.  I did finish the before the second class.

This is Darcy the Dinosaur.  I had a  scrap dinosaur flannel and it was just big enough tor Darcy.  The only problem, flannel stretches,  The more you stuff the fatter she got and started straining her seams!  I finished her between classes, too. 

This is Polly the pig.  I made her in the  the last class.  I do sew fast. Most of the ladies only finished one animal and unfortunately  my friend did not even finish her first.

An internet friend, cat blogger, special ordered this turtle and his twin.  He is  made from Minkee  (Benertex)or Cuddle (Shannon)  fabric.  I love making these baby lovies.

These little bears were Benertex kits from a Bernina store that was going out of business.  I think I paid $2.00 for each. 

 These Lion Minkee or Cuddly lovies were also a special order.  

I was having so much fun  making toys that I made bugs! This was a pattern that I bought at JoAnns Fabrics.  Lucky Bugs by Parlor Pets

Lady bug. I did not put any pipe cleaners or wires in the legs of these bugs.  

Grasshopper.  I stuffed these so firm (hard) that I could not easily sew the legs on, so they are hot glued on. 

Honey Bee.  The bee and grasshopper do have pipe cleaners in the wings to give them shape.

I have made a bunch of little monsters for a grandson that will arrive in December.  I will post those another time!


  1. Squeeeee! I LOVE the lions! LOVE!

    Of course you know that Aria, Ian and Tyler are all absolutely over the moon with love for their twin lovies!

    OMG, those lions... I can't get over how cute they are!

  2. You have been busy! I love your Zebra and even though I'm not very fond of bugs, your grasshopper and bee are too cute for words!!! You definitely have a talent for making these.