Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Knit one... and two...

Hello all... I'm Autumn...

I've been learning to quilt at Nan's elbow, when we are able to get together.  I learned to cross-stitch from my grandmother.  My mother, Mary taught me to crochet and tried to teach me to knit. 

Finally I bought a book and taught myself how to knit!

So I know this site is mainly for quilts but Nan said I could post anything I made here...

This is a garter stitched Lime light green and black for one of the children in the family for Christmas..She is mad about neon green!  I crocheted a simple boarder on single crochet stitch and double crochet stitch . It blinds me! LOL but I think she'll love it!

For our nephew in burgandy double moss stitch with a garter stitch boarder.  The yarn that started this blanket came from Momma Molly, so it will be history for him to always hold on too.  I went with Burgandy instead of bright red so this blanket will be perfect for our nephew at any age.

Already working on another blanket for another child of the family... I love knitting for them.  The thought of the kids dragging these things around or curled up under staying warm....

Hope you all enjoyed!


  1. Both of them are very pretty and are sure to be loved and appreciated. Hard to believe you just learned how to knit though! Great job!

  2. Been knitting for about 4 years now! Nan was trying to help me but she knits so tiny! I just got confused! LOL Thank you so much,I really love knitting