Monday, January 7, 2013

Table Runners part 1

Now that Christmas is over, I can show the table runner and coasters I made for my Daughter in law.   They like red white and blue and Texas prints.

These are the 11 fabrics I started  with.  I used  Folded Table Runner by DJ Richardson Design and it is all folded triangles to create the table runner.

 This is the backing in the binding fabrics

The table runner is 12 x 25

This is a close up of the folded triangles.

I also made a coasters the same fabrics.

This is the back of the projects.

I used a different fabric on the back of the coasters.

As you can see the front of the coasters are slightly different but using the same fabrics as the table runner.   I used Insul-bright from the Warm and Natural Company so that they can use the table runner as a trivet.

I had so much fun making that when for her that I made one for myself.  My husband picked out the colors and they are Color Wheel Sushi Rolls from  Batik by Mirah.  All of the fabric  were bought at Quilt Country.

Sushi Roll

 Bright yellow backing and black with multicolor binding

I had to cut the jelly rolls down to 2 inch strips. Then I folded half-inch heel on one edge and sub cut all of my colors into 3 inch rectangles. My husband helped by pressing the him down in the first step of of prepping the fabrics. After the fabrics were sub cut they had to be folded in half and again he helped with the pressing. And as you can see he had lots of good help

I did not take any pictures during the process but this is the finished table runner.

We never could get a picture that didn't look blurry in the middle I think it's just the colors all blending together.

This is a close-up that shows the folded triangles better.

And once again here is our helper on the finished product!


  1. Oh, your hubby is a PEACH!! So not like my ex. So NOT!!

    I love the RW&B runner! SO many patriotic holidays to use it on! You're making me want to take up quilting again.

  2. I can see this wouldn't be as bulky as the old way of using squares to start with. Both runners are wonderful, and lots of work. I know because I used to make hot pads with this method.

  3. Your table runners turned out great! I've never seen them done that way before, but what a neat effect. And you'll always remember your husband helped you with yours when you look it. Of course, no project is complete until it has some cat hair on it!

  4. We love these! Mai mom sez she is so jellus that the man helps with the ironing! xxoo Bhu

  5. These are such cool projects! I love how they turned out, and love both of your sweet helpers!