Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekend project

On Thursday I had been with out a project for a couple of days. So I pulled out Mum's Secret Garden from Northcott, designed by Cara Gulati.  I used Norcott's fabric group  Mum's the Word.

The center panel is 5 1/2 inch strips and 2 inch strips.  Then it has a a narrow, a wide and a narrow border.  That was the easy cut and sewing part.   The last border is pieces triangles and diamond shapes.  They are all cut using templates and do not appear symmetrical.  We cut all the pieces Thursday evening.   I put it together on Friday except for the top and bottom pieced border which I completed this evening.  

There is so much gold in the fabric, it does not show the colors well!

All it needs is a back and quilting. And I have no idea how I will quilt it.

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  1. That's some weekend project! I barely got some laundry done and read some of my book. YAY you!