Monday, October 14, 2013

Are a quilter?

Our friends Padsworth, DragonDrop and Snoodles at Lilly Pad Quilting are asking if I can prove I am a quilter. They are having a Linky party and giveaway. They are calling it a
"Go to Jail" party!

Thank you Parker Brothers for the image

Their question is, " Can you prove you are a quilter? " Is there enough evidence to convict you? I feel up to the challenge!

Welcome to the home of a quilter. As we approach the home, we see that it is decorated for Halloween, with Quilts.

In the side windows are Patch Abilities.  
These were a Block of the month  program.

Trick or Treat

Autumn Bounty

On the front door are four Happy Hollow ornaments.

Witch, Ghost Black Cat and Bat ( he is hiding in the shadows). We are so thankful for the rain, but it makes taking photos outside harder. Sorry about the glare!

Mr. Bones is here to welcome us and conduct a tour

  Welcome, Come on in! Here is my friend Miss Witch. She is a Happy Hollow Stick witch.

She is standing beside the Quilt box. As you can see it is almost full!

Hanging above the quilt box is quilt made from a panel. I do not remember when it was made.

Around the corner is quilt that I bought at a quilt shop that was going out of business.  It was just the top and she quilted it.

On the work table (yes it is in the living room) is another quilt that I bought at a sample at my local Bernina store. It usually has a kitty on it.

Hi! Kirby! 

HI! Max.  He is new and not so sure about being on the table.

  Also on the table are Mr. Bones two haunted homes.  The first one is OESD free standing lace and the other is a miniature I made from a kit.

   Above the hall door is a welcome banner .

Above the kitchen door are three happy jack-o-lanterns.

On into the kitchen (we do not have a conventional home, rooms are used for things other that the original purpose) you fine the sewing machine and sewing table.   Here are several projects that I have completed and some waiting in the wings.

The witches hat is made Primitive Gatherings twister tool.
The Grim Ripper was a free pattern from Fons and Porter.  THere are a couple of other projects there, too.

On the end of the table is another twister quilt, Spiders Up My Skirt from Bewitched Threads.  I bought this pre-cut kit while on the Quilt Across Texas shop hop.  It is ready for borders.

 This is what the finished quilt will look like. 

On top of the thread storage is another Patch Abilities with a table top stand.  This was a block of the month and I did two years of this size.

Down the hall we have a bedroom that is being used as storage.  There is a flannel batik quilt on it under the boxes.

 The next room is the quilting room.  It has the frame and machine and a rack to hang quilts on.

Across the hall is the master bedroom.  Here the walls are covered.  First we have three more Patch Abilities BOM.

Next there is yet another Twister quilt, this time a jack-o-lantern.

The next quilt was a challenge quilt from Quilting Bee in Cache, OK.. We all started out with 5 fabrics and could add any others that we needed.  One was a large over all print that I fussy cut and framed.

 On the bed, is an over-sized king made from hand dyed batik flannel. it is very warm and large.  I think it stretches with use!

On the foot  bed is a small quilt.  It was a Walmart pattern and fabric.  The kitties sleep on the back of it.  They have never cared about the front!

 Hi! Angel! 

Now, back down the hall to the official sewing room.  Is is a mess, so please do not look closely.

On ironing board, is Haunted Halloween sampler.  This was a BOM from the Old Craft Store in   Carrollton, TX .  We just completed the last block in September.

This is a close up of the center. 

On the cutting board (covering the mess) is a three yard quilt I got at the Plano Quilt show.

Many of the boxes in this room have finished quilt tops.  Some have finished quilts and the drawer units hold fabric and kits.

Thank you for viewing the evidence.  I hope there is enough to convict me of being a quilter!
I apologize to for not being able to give credit to all of the pattern designers.

Please go to Lilly Pad Quilting and cast your vote.


  1. Great post! I love all your evidence! The Spiders Up My Skirt is going to be so cute!

  2. Wow! There's no doubt that a quilter lives in your home. I'm so impressed with the number of seasonal quilts you have displayed. I also didn't realize you could use the Twister tool to make so many different kinds of quilts. I especially like the one you're working on now with the witches boots and spiders. You're very prolific!

  3. you are definitely GUILTY!! lol :) You have so many fun - FUN - Halloween quilts. I love them. That twister hat looks tiny.