Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas and Birthday sewing done!

We have four Birthdays in November and one in early December and then Christmas.  This year I started sewing for the little kids.  My Husband and I do not exchange gifts, so I do not count his.  Our Lovely Granddaughter was born on Thanksgiving day 20 years ago, in a freak ice storm.  Her birthday was on Monday a week and a half before this years freak ice storm.   We told her to enjoy it!

Her brother was born on the 28, which fell on Thanksgiving this year.  I made him a wall hanging of Space.  It is an OESD collection (special order) and using the color combinations and special glasses, it is 3D.  The backing fabric just happened to be the right color combination and it shows as 3D, too.

 The Aliens are pockets to hold the glasses.They also have 3D books that I will make after Christmas/

My son's third son turned 19 on November 30.  Where does time go!

On December 5 my daughters youngest turned 1.  We have always encouraged books at an early age, so I made him cloth books and a Magic 3D Block  from Kits by Carla.  This was a fun project, but required a lot of hand work.   It folds several ways and keeps little hands busy (big hands, too).

Then I on Christmas presents.  All of the older kids get gift cards or money so they can buy what they want.  It makes it easier on all of us.  No one has to look at Nan-Nan and say thank you  with a smile while they are cringing inside! That is the nice thing about having teenagers.

For the littlest one, I made the Happy Stacker  ring toy.  This is a Heather Bailey pattern that I picked up at a quilt show and forgot about until it arrived in the mail!   I decided I needed one at my house for him to play with when he comes to visit!   These, too, have a lot of hand work.  The center gusset is hand stitched to the 'ring' tops and bottoms.   Then you sew the outer gusset on the machine in two steps and you can turn a complete doughnut (ring) right side out, stuff and hand sew a small two inch opening.  

I also made Minkee Tag Toys,  another OESD embroidery design! .  The red one is a cell phone.  He loves to play with anyone's phone.  Then I digitized the elephant.  The tags are ribbon.  The elephant tail has elephants on it, but I put them in upside down. These were quick projects in the embroidery hoop.

 My daughters extended family has a three year old girl.  he is getting an 18" doll for Christmas.  I decided I could make doll cloths.  I had seen the Let's Play Dolls fabric panels by Firetrail Designs in several quilt shops earlier in the year but ended up having to order them from Quilt Home!  I have a doll to use as a model!

 And every dolly needs shoes to go with her outfits. These were made in the Embroidery hoop from designs from Sewing for Sarah.  They are made of felt I attempted to make the black and white ones look like saddle shoes.  These designs were on a special for $2.00 each! 

Next I found an Apron pattern at Hatched in Africa.  The first day I spotted it , it was free. I was finding lots of good bargains!

Now with all the things I made and what Santa and family will be getting, she needed a storage container for all her goodies.  I covered a hinged shoe box  (Under Armor shoes in a large size) with contact paper.   It will do for a clothe chest!

At that point, I said I was done, but I had one more project.  I make Minkee Hankie  Blankie Pets. It is a Black Cat pattern and has been digitized for the embroidery machine.   A blog friend has ordered many for great nieces and nephews.  She decided she needed a gray kitty for her fur babies!

This sweetheart is in the mail to Georgia to meet the G's and Barb!

Now, to catch up on BOM projects!


  1. your sewing blows me away! The Gs will love their very own lovey!

  2. Wow! I can't believe all you've gotten done. I especially love the ring toss and the doll clothes. I made some clothes for my niece's doll several years ago but never considered making shoes. I haven't seen most of these patterns and didn't know you could make so many things with your embroidery machine. You're obviously much more proficient on yours than I am on mine! They're all great projects and I'm sure the kids will be happy to open them up on Christmas Day.