Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Day three of quilt camp

On day three of quilt camp we involved the younger boys of the household in our sewing projects. We decided that they could make in the hoop  mug rugs on mom's Brother embroidery machine.

We showed them several patterns, some were holiday designs and some were forest animals. They both chose a Fox from the forest animals.

We started them off by having them pick out  fabrics  they wanted to use. They needed three fabrics for the background, one fabric for the Fox and one fabric for Fox accents. They went through mom's stash and picked out  fabrics that they liked.

Chris was meticulous in his measuring and cutting. If was a quarter inch short he cut another piece.  Andrew was not confident enough to use the cutter, so he held the opposite end the of the ruler to keep it lined up straight.

Then we sent Andrew off to play, while Chris started sewing on his. Again he was very confident in his own work.  He hooped the stabilizer very smoothly.  He learned how to thread the machine and bobbin.  Next the attached the hoop.  He did a better job of that than I did!   The design was the only one the card so it was not hard for him to select.  He actually figured out some of the functions that his Mom and I had not.   Great job Chris!

Then we got Andrew behind the  machine.  Their Mom had to take an older brother to work, so she had Chris coaching Andrew.

Andrew did learn how to thread the machine and load the hoop,  selecting the design and starting the  machine.  Good Job Andrew.  

 Here are the finished product.

Chris chose blues and green for his background.

Andrew chose a fall leaf pattern and a  tan.

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