Tuesday, November 1, 2016

After Sewing Camp

 We didn't get a chance to get the older grandsons sewing with Mom while she was here.  I did finally get the Brian to sit down to create his own mug rug.

  everything went really well as you can see in the last photo.. but when we went to put the initials and the year.. the stitches the brother made were horrible!  we didn't pick thread with enough contrast either!  not really sure what was wrong.. I will do some troubleshooting later.. this took us from 9am to 4pm to finish.. I am just plum tired now...   Think he is too..   He choose the fabrics, cut them... did all the sewing...  all I did was iron and sit next to him... seems silly I am so tired.. hahaha....zzzzzzz.....

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