Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2017 and More???

being a hobbyist... I work with... stitches..knitted, crocheted, sewn, crossed..  tried embroidery.. (it was very painful.. not only for me but for the supplies... I did learn... a few new not so nice words.. but I learned something...

Much like My Mother in law.. I have many hobbies.. but unlike her I master none.. its all about having fun ... I am trying really hard not to collect any other hobbies....  Hubby goes made trying to keep up with them all..

Today I pulled an old hobby out.. and did some pixel editing..


and after..... The original was a free image online..  I have no claim on it... I just edited to suit the blog that  supply images too..

I have already started knitting for next year.. trying to get ahead of the power curve..  so I don't have as much stress.. Stress is a major trigger for me... Flip out Drama Queen here! haha laughing at myself helps tons.

and tada!!! a quilt..  that is in the works!!!

This is a blanket I am making one of my sons, he picked out all the fabrics with his dad and they planned the whole thing... I just get to do the labor... again???  hmmm...  hahaha!

They had to lay it out on the king size bed.  This will be a graduation gift... even though he graduated this past Jume!... 


  1. WOW! the guys picked out some great fabric and you did a wonderful job putting it together!

    I love all the work you did to revamp the Cats blog! THey are getting more comments than ever!

  2. Everything is looking great. I love that blue and orange knitting project.

    1. Thank you Barbara... My youngest named it the portal blanket.. as the colors are the main colors of a game he has played with his dad..

  3. Papa will quilt it for you. How big is it and do you have a back