Monday, December 19, 2016

Seeing Stars

I decided I would make Stars for the girls this year.   These are from a pattern Holiday Stars  by Poor House Quilt Designs.  I have also made their fold and stitch Wreath and Leaf Topper.   And of course I start having so much fun , I do not know when to stop!

They start out as rectangles, 2.5, 3.25 and 4.25.  There are other sizes, these are just the ones I chose.  You can make six point or eight point stars. All of the rectangles are interfaces with Pellon decor bond.  The front of the star is cut smaller and a 90 degree  piece cut off to form points

 This shows the small (5 inch) and the medium (7 inch) sizes. these are 6 point stars

 Then a facing is added.  I matched the facing to the back fabric.

  These are the large 11 inch size.  I made these 8 point stars.

The front and back are sewn together and turned. You fold them in half length wise and sew then together across the middle, width wise.  This proved to be a problem with my machine.  Each section has around 12 layers of fabric and stabilizer on the seam/folded side.  Multiply that by 3 and the machine balked.  I was getting a presser foot error.  So I improvised. I remembered way back in the stone age, I was taught to grade seams to thin out the bulk.  So I cut the stabilizer out of the seams.
That resolved the issue on the small and medium stars.  I still had to hand tack the large ones together.

They were pretty, but not flashy.  They needed decorations. Sorry this one is blurry.  Now, I can sew almost anything, but I am not a glitzy flashy person. I called in help.  My daughter came up the alley and helped out. It is amazing what buttons and crystals can do!


I told the girls to pick which ones they wanted.  Knowing my girls, I knew they would both pick the same ones.  So I opened my mouth and put my foot in!  I told them that if they both wanted the same one, I could make more.   I only had to remake five.

  I call this pile of scraps Star Dust!


  1. Oh, I just added another project to my list! LOL Those are just beautiful!! (Love those mugrugs in the previous post, too!)

    1. Thank you! They were loved my best friend too.. she couldn't believe how cute they were!.. thought I had hand sewn them! lol I told her the pattern I was just the labor..

  2. I love mine! They are all on the tree