Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Comfort and Joy

Comfort and Joy is a Block of the Month  from Silver Thimble Quilt Company designed by Pat Wys and BJ Laird that I have been working on for eight months.  I still lack the two borders and the applique on the outer border. 

Block 1

Block 2

 Block 3 - still need to do a face!  

 Block 4  - Another face to do!

Block 5 - Stocking and Star   and Block 6

 Block 7 - basket and Block 8  - tree 

 Kirby  giving his seal of approval

All the blocks together

It has:
3 log cabin blocks
9 nine patch blocks
38 half square triangles
4 Churn Dash block
31 Flying Geese
1 Square in a Square
6 Paper Pieced stars - 3 8" and 3 6"
Lots of round berries
13 rectangular filler strips
8 2.5 squares
And lots of applique!  I used a rinse away product and washable glue to create a needle turned look and put them down with a 1X1 zig-zag

The inner border is 2" wide finished and I do not have the fabric for it
The outer border is 5" finished and is white with tiny red dots that I used for the applique backgrounds.

I accidently modified the pattern in a couple of places.  I made 4 6" stars so I added extra filler strips to make it fit.  The two halves of block 8 were not the same length, co added another strip.   Then when I sewed the first half (blocks 1 -3) to the second half (blocks 4-8), I reversed them!  It just makes it my own quilt and will not be exactly like all the others purchased at the same quilt store!

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