Thursday, October 27, 2011


 This is  a  block of the month that I am working on.  It really is a block a week because there are 50 blocks. I have completed 32 blocks and have 5 months to go.

These are the fabrics I am using for the background (white) and setting blocks.  I plan to set like the Irish Chain example.

These are examples of the setting blocks.  I have completed all of these for the quilt. Below are the blocks.

The quilt shop offered this in two color ways.  I chose Blue and Brown.  The first 4 blocks cost $7.00 and all the others were free if I brought my finished blocks beak the next month.

My friend Chose the Red and brown color way.  She had trouble keeping up, so I have been making her blocks for her.   Here are the last 8. 

This is Angel trying to get me to stop sewing and cuddle with her.  As close as her tail was to the needle, I complied! 


  1. Angel, Your mommy make a lovely quilt, she got a talent !

  2. We thinks that quilt is really pretty!