Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Give it a Whril

Give it a Whirl by Colleen Granger (2008).  I do a lot of kit quilts and this one came form a shop in Houston a couple of years ago.  It had curved seams which can be a challenge. It was made using freezer paper templates.   I had to make two color sections over to get it to go together in the center. 

I quilted the colors with rows of zig-zag stitching.  The black border is quilted in concentric circles.

I picked up these Turtles While on a Shop Hop.  My Daughter in Law loves Turtles so I thought she might have fun with these.  There may be as many as a dozen in the set, but these are the only ones I have found.  The internet shows two more, but no one seems to actually have them.  THey are from Story Quilts  by Melanie Fromway CHang.   I have done some of her Vegi-Cats!

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  1. Both your quilts are beautiful - this one and the flower one from your last post. I'm glad you started this blog! I can't wait to see what else you do.