Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dallas QUilt show , second edition

 This is the next set of quilt photos from the Dallas Quilt Show.  A couple  have a Texas theme. Again I took photos that I knew family would enjoy and some for blog friends.

The Alamo holds a special place for me.  I have very distant, but direct lines, to men that fought there.  The Battle of the Alamo ended on March 6 180 years ago.  It is also our wedding anniversary.  No, we have not been married that long, just a little over a quarter of that time!

This was created by 5 'bee' members, each one taking a different slice!

 This is a miniature quilt.  I really like doing miniatures so the three are miniatures. 

 I love the detail on Wind Blown Roses.   That is a pieced piano key border!  All of the pieces are tiny.

 This is Road Trip.  Aptly named because she hand pieced it while traveling around the country. 

 Snowflake Pineapple constructed  997 one inch strips.

 Portrait of Greco.  This one spoke to me because it looks like our first cat, Wizard.

Shangrila is a three piece Pictorial Quilt.  The flowers fascinated me because they are three dimensional.  I staged the photos from left to right.  I was disappointed they came out blurry!

 Rollin' Hell for Leather depicting Wells Fargo


 Another Texas quilt. Apparently I did not get the quilters data on this one and could not find it in the program

 Car Colors by Ford made a pretty stained glass look.

 Aspens High.  This reminded me on a quilt a blogger friend in Oregon made.

Nebulous   At first glance it appears that it is pieced with pieces growing smaller and smaller.  However, it is the quilting that gives it that look.

Part of my family are big Harry Potter fans.  Several people did not give this bookcase a second look, or a closer look.   Harry Potters bookshelf was one we had to look at closely.  All of the books on the shelf are titles from the series by   J. K. Rowling.
While we were looking at it very closely, we did not realize the quilter and her family were behind us.  I commented to her husband about the 'Book of Monsters' at the bottom.  He told me that most people did not look at it as close as we did.  I am sorry we did not get more up close detailed photos!


This is about half the photos we took, so I will bring the rest out tomorrow!


  1. Lots of gorgeous quilts in this group. Of course, I love the Portrait of Greco and the Aspens High best.

  2. Love the quilts, especially the Texas themed quilts. Seeing the Harry Potter Project of Doom quilt reminds me that I need to get back to stitching on mine. Thanks for the show!