Thursday, March 24, 2016

One more post about the quilt show.

 This one has tiny one inch pieces and delicate compass roses!  I wish I had gotten the quilter and quilts names.


 Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.  
The quilting looks like chicken wire.  There are deviled eggs in the sashing! 

 County Fair Chickens.  
These were very realistic! Again the quilting looks like wire.

 Mariner's Compass.  
Lots of tiny pieces!  This is a Judy Niemeyer design.  Red ribbon in the Artisan class.

 Don's Dragon 'Nightfire'  
The detail is beautiful.  I knew my son would love this one.

Texas Four Patch.   
I loved the decorative stitches used in the applique.  Another one for my son!  

 Tweinnie Quilt Purple  
New York Beauties.  Sorry this one is not clearer!

 Just Braids, No Pony Tails. 
 I love the name and the colors! 

This is a memorial quilt for the quilters nephew who gave his all for our freedom.

 Hares in Color
Made by one of the local master quilters.  I love his quilting designs.

Bees and Flowers
 It was the quilting that caught my attention on this one. 

That's it till next year!  Hope you have enjoyed the show.

 As I was typing this up, we had a major thunderstorm with high wind and quarter sized hail.  We did not have any major damage!

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  1. Nice quilts, thanks for showing them. Sorry about the hail. We just got rain and some snow.