Monday, March 14, 2016

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since I posted to the blog.  I had been doing a good job of posting every month then lost my muse.  So I am going to attempt to do better.

I spent Friday and Saturday at the Dallas Quilt show. Friday was spent visiting the vendors. It was obvious that there were less vendors this year than last and I thought there were less last year than in previous years.  The show room layout was the same, but there was an extra wide aisle  between the vendors and quilts that has been filled in with vendors in the past. After visiting all the booths I spent very little.  There was not a lot of exciting, new merchandise.

The quilts were interesting.  Some had been in the local Plano show in August so were not new.  In the  past there were between five and ten entered by children, this year, two!  I will post my favorites over the next several of days.

This one was pretty interesting.  The center was an old table linen with a  sewing theme. 

It took one of my friends a  few minutes to realize there are open envelopes.   Cute idea!

 A lot of people did not get this one.  It is the phonetic alphabet in Morse code. I knew my son  would like this one.

 I know we have all seen these symbols used as curse words.  The quilter explained it best! 

 Many of us like houses and barns.

 Sorry this one is blurry.  It is another piece that the quilter added borders and quilting to a purchased center. 

 This was a fun piece!  This is the quilters finger print. Where are words between the whorls.

 This was a Quilt Guild challenge to interpret the sunflower.  It reminds me that sunflowers come in many colors. 

This one was another one of different houses.  I am sorry I did not get the quilters info. 

 And another one that I did not get the quilters info.   It is redwork of Little Red Riding Hood.  
There were two cats on the quilt!

That's it for today.  I have many more for tomorrow.


  1. Great hearing from you! Wonderful eye candy. I love the fingerprint.

  2. That finger print is cool! Thanks for the show.